Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summit Point Cycle Fest: May 27 - 29

An amazing roller coaster ride of a RACE WEEKEND from the rainy-sunny down pours, to the 🚩red-flags and WINS πŸ† RACE DAY#1 - 4 races scheduled for me. I hit the grid... AWESOME START I completed 4 laps in like 4/5th place and the red flag comes out. The race stops...We wait on hot pit for our restart and the drizzle πŸŒ§ arrives πŸ˜¨ Race#2 CANCELLED...we're sent back to the paddock πŸ™ "I was doing so well".

The rain arrived in down pour formation. I made some new best friends Sterling & Shane at the Dunlop Motorcycle Tires/Dunlop Tires canopy "RAIN TIRES PLEASE SIR's πŸ˜‼️I missed my 2nd Race #5-Moto3, couldn't get my rains on the bike fast enough btwn races. I did make races #7 & #11 which were both "WET" events and survived. I was super proud of myself considering that I've never raced in the rain before on rains tires nor DOT's and managed to finish overall TOP 5  in all class positions. GO MEπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

RACE DAY #2 - 2 races scheduled for me. I entered the ASRA MOTO 3 race w/o qualifying to substitute for my missed race on Day 1. No qualifying, I gridded last.
Race #9 ASRA MOTO 3 racers to the grid. I started at the very back of the pack, weaved my way through a few on the start and commenced to stalking my prey πŸ˜ˆ Awesome battles btwn. myself and fellow ACE-Mate Sonny for 1st place in class THE GIRL WON that one  πŸ˜. GREAT RACE ROY and SONNY‼️ Absolute Cycle Experience. Called home to Markbilt Racebikes to let'em know the good news and that there was only 1 more to get through.

Race #13 500 SuperSport racers to the grid... I grid up knowing Absolute Cycle Experience Race Team coordinator and Threader24 Sponsor 
Roy Cadoo is behind me waiting to catch me for the weekend. 

He catches me in turn 4/5 I and I stay behind him up all the way to TURN 10 staying close I COMPLETELY FIT BEHIND MY WINDSCREEN knees and all. πŸ˜³TOTALLY. At Turn 1 I enter first, Roy's coming, I shift out, "GO SJ" shift again "GO (still no Roy) This is gonna be so cool πŸ˜" I thought. TURN 3 arrives "I SEE YOU BABY I'M COMING IN HOTπŸ”₯" 5th gear no brakes no bogging I'm like "H😳LY πŸ’© I made it πŸ˜ƒ up the hill" and then SCRAPEπŸ’₯⁉ SPLATπŸ’₯‼️ ️FLING - I'm airborneπŸ’₯POW, SLAP, gravel, sky, gravel, sky, grass, sky...and πŸ’₯SPLATπŸ’₯All I could think of during this long crash was "damn how fast was I going I'm not done crashing yet?" 

I just wanted to lay there and let the clouds stop shaking 
πŸ€•. My Wrist was dangling, but MY LIFE SAVING Nexx NorthAmerica/NEXX Helmets was up a little and still attached under my chinπŸ‘πŸ’— #nexxhelmets.

I was having trouble breathing because my HIT AIR Vest from Trackside Parts Club deployed while airborne and was squeezing me letting me know that I was A-OK πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ. Yes I suffered a broken clutch wrist, but who needs that oneMY THROTTLE HAND IS STILL GOOD✊🏽SEE YOU IN JULY MY FRIENDz πŸ’πŸ½ I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE πŸ˜ˆ.

THIS IS MOTORCYCLE ROAD RACING "you either do it or you don't." HOLD YOUR LINE ✌🏾