Friday, May 6, 2016

What's This Blog Stuff

I'm back here learning how to blog and attach it to my webpage. I started a tumbler blog thingy... but it seems that no one really goes on tumbler so I'm attempting this. I hope it attaches just as easily. This is a test run post but i figured I'd make it worth checking out. 

I ask a few questions after my lil' paragraphs because I prefer to interact with folk who stop by so don't be shy and reply, leave a comment, go to my webpage at and let me know what you think. I only ask to please be respectful... Thanks in advance. Now lets go SidewayZ.

Hey there, my name is Joi (it's pronounced JOY). I also go by the nicknames of S.J., Snook and Snookie. I've been an athlete since I can remember and these nicknames have been around for just as long; except for "S.J." SJ are my initials and only those that really know me can basically figure it out. (Don't ask what it stands for), SJ is the newest alias, and she exists on 2 wheels. A ROAD RACER IN THE MAKING. 

* What's your name and what brought you by this particular blog?

Anxiety is setting in, because I have to drive to NC later on today (8-10 hr drive) for an appearance at MOTOGIRL CAFE's MOUNTAIN MOXIE (motorcycle) Event w/Motogirl GT this Saturday. It's Friday morning at 2:17am and I have been awake since 8am Thursday. No matter what time zone you reside in, that time is known as "SLEEPY AS HELL" you do the math. (LOL w/zzz's on my mind) 

*Do you find yourself up late? ...thinking too much?

It's Mother's Day Wknd. I'm thinking about dragging my non-motorcycling mom with me to the above event for her mother's day wknd. some daughter I am huh? By George she's going to get on a motorcycle and like it...dagggnabbit... one day. I may get her on the back of an ole guy's Gold Wing or something, you know the kind of bike with the full back seat and arm rests, it goes "beep-beep-beep" when it's going in reverse like a garbage truck or something? Yeah that one. ;) (wink-wink)

(maybe one day I'll hear that also)

You know something is lost forever when your mother can't find it. 

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