Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why Dainese?

Dainese Racing Lady P. Estiva (front)
The Dainese Racing P. Estiva is a moderately-featured perforated one-piece suit with elastic inserts and decisive cut lines targeted primarily to men and women track day riders. Though moderate in design and features, this suit has managed to attract the attention of many motorcycle racers as well. The Dainese brand offers a less expensive option in protective race gear. 

Dainese Racing Lady P. Estiva (front)
For me, the Dainese Racing Lady P. Estiva's styling, breathable internal lining and durabilty are what sold me on the brand from the beginning. On top of the small motivator of seeing all of my favorite Moto GP racers wearing the brand initially. This suit can be found in both men's and women's cuts, unfortunately, the women's sizing ran a bit small in some areas and too large in others for me. It's difficult to size a one-piece suit for women for obvious reasons of course. Therefore, when looking to purchase a one-piece suit, be prepared for possible sizing issues. It seems that this male dominated sport/hobby that we love so much, has yet to catch up with the fact that more women/girls are entering the disciplines of road racing, super-moto, enduro racing or simply street and track riding. Until this message reaches the mass motorcycle suit manufacturers, I would recommend ordering 1 or 2 sizes larger for good measure - especially if you're purchasing online.
Super-moto sliding I thought I'd
test run the Estiva Suit (2016)
It's easier to take these suits in as opposed to adding elastic/fabric to let the suit out. If in fact you choose the latter, I would strongly urge you to send your suit to a knowledgeable motorcycle suit specialist who has experience in this area.

Knowing what it feels like to hit the ground at speeds of 60 - 90+ I would not want my perforated race suit nor street jacket compromised by someone's lack of experience in stitching and working with race grade materials.

Constructed of race grade Cowhide leather, brand specific S1 stretch fabric for elastic inserts and CE rated Pro Shape protectors, the Racing P. Estiva suit offered many of the same great features found on their more expensive suits.

After racing and riding in several brands, I noticed Dainese was the first to incorporate elastic inserts. These are the thick layers of breathable elastic found in the areas where the rider/racer requires the most flexibility in movement. Elastic inserts can be found around the collar, under the arms and in the groin areas. In some brands, the leather is sewn leather-to-leather, causing the rider to exert more energy than needed to simply get comfortable while riding. The Dainese elastic inserts help to provide a more natural feel and decreases the time it takes to break into the riding gear. It only took a few sessions of practice for me to get comfortable in this suit and has lasted me 3 successful seasons of racing.

Most race suits and riding gear comes equipped with impact protectors found in the shoulders, elbow, and knees. Dainese's pro-shape protectors are cushioned to absorb the impact in these areas including the hips, all are placed perfectly for ease in movement. In newer suit models they've even incorporated the external aluminium shoulder protector as well. Dainese understands that riders need to focus only on the ride, not spending time readjusting their riding gear for a comfortable fit.

The "P." in the name Racing P. Estiva stands for PERFORATED which is normally worn during warmer temperatures. All riding suits come with liners, this suit liner is also perforated and built in with a nano feel for the purpose of ease in slipping the one-piece suit on in temperatures of 90+ degrees. In short, the rider doesn't even know it's there but provides an extra layer of comfort as the suit begins to take on the shapes and bends of the rider wearing it. Dainese does makes a non-perforated versions of the Estiva Race suit and other types of riding suits and jackets. Contact any D-Store in your area for more information


Undoubtedly, motorcycle riding gear exists because things happen. While developing race skill and pushing limits I've become familiar with things happening in particularly, on the ground.
1st Place-AM Moto3 winner
(Summit point, WV - 2017)
From experiencing hot and wet asphalt, uneven pavement, rumple strips, grass to gravel pits, my Racing P. Estiva suit has been through it all. Walking away from each event, this suit has  assisted in helping me reach the podium several times over. I've been thankful to have the Dainese brand on my back and bottom for protection. 

Dainese prides themselves on being the leader in developing innovative, protective gear specifically targeted around the athlete. It would only make since that average road warrior and street riders would experience the same level of protection in Dainese's riding jackets, boots and gloves. My vote is in go to for the experience.

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